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(Local Groups and Organizations) + (Local Businesses)=Free Coupons That Better Our World

And why do OUR coupons better the world?

For every coupon space sold, Here Is My Coupon gives $45 back to a local community group, organization and group organization. And what do funds provide any organization? The ammunition required to bring their mission to life!

A Brief Overview of Here Is My Coupon

Here Is My Coupon LLC serves as a fundraising platform for college local community groups, organizations and student groups to earn funds by recruiting local business owners to post coupons on our coupon site. For every coupon space sold, "Here Is My Coupon" pays that sales rep $30 in commission and pays the group that they represent $45 towards their fundraiser.

Merchants recruited to our site credit the sales representative that approached their business as well as the organization he/she is representing, and then purchase coupon space, costing only $180 per coupon space per year. With the purchase of a coupon space, merchants can customize their own offers, track their success and adjust or modify their deals for free, and also advertise their business on our site with a free business profile. Finally, because posting coupons on HereIsMyCoupon.com funds local groups, organizations and college student groups, merchants posting coupons on our site are connected to their local college and community, and, thus, receive increased business traffic from this market segment, as well as the general local community.

Our coupons are free and accessible to ALL consumers that register (for free) on our site as Coupon Finders.

The Birth of Here Is My Coupon

In 2007, before Groupon, Living Social, Buy With Me and many other coupon companies existed, our CEO, Andrew Schwartz, had a moment of clarity. Andrew asked his current intern, Mario, to take some notes as he ranted for several hours detailing his business idea, something he called "Here Is My Coupon". The majority of these initial thoughts have remained fundamental to our business model today.

Our History

We almost launched Here Is My Coupon in 2009 but our developer was offered a job at Microsoft and our requirements person was also offered a position at his old job. Although these offers were financially appealing, both asked me what they should do as we were close to launch, and I encouraged them to take these "bird in hand" opportunities. Additionally, we did not have a marketing plan established at this point in time and no lead into the college community. So, given these factors in addition to Andrew’s running several other companies, he decided to put "Here Is My Coupon" on the backburner, just for a while.

Why We Brought Here Is My Coupon Back To Life

Besides HIMC’s mission and the booming coupon industry, Andrew finally found the right person to work with in re-launching the business. Tufts University undergraduate, Sydney Griffith, interned for Andrew’s hub company, A.E. Schwartz & Associates, and quickly the two discovered their compatibility. Towards the end of the internship, Andrew asked Sydney to help him launch Here Is My Coupon and the two have worked together steadily and tenaciously ever since. Sydney is now a partner and equity holder due to her dedication, contributions, and unstoppable drive.

We redevloped the website with a partner off-shore and after two years found out that our back-end was unstable for release and shut down... temporarily. Now almost 1 year later we are back at it and have opened up the scope of our fundraising model to include local community groups, organizations along with groups. Now sales representatives may be anyone wanting to help themselves earn money whether affiliated with or just interested in fundraising for a group.

Who We Are

We are all about helping others and building a better future for our local communities. Specifically, we build bridges between and connect businesses, communities, people, students, and “locals” through our coupon website and fundraising platform. Our mission has also extended to our working with local charities. We have a vision that is BIG. And we believe that if our dreams don't scare us, then we’re not dreaming big enough.

What It’s Like At Here Is My Coupon

Each day is challenging, thought provoking, filled with moments of silliness and laughter, food, friendship, and fun. We “work hard, play hard” and do what needs to be done without being told what to do. Because our employees are self starters and innovators, we ask questions, we never say never, we think up and down, left and right, and inside and outside the box and further. Additionally, we consider all ideas and possibilities with nothing thrown away but stored for future consideration. Finally, we listen to those we serve and always do our best to remain flexible and responsive.

Note From Our CEO

“HIMC is for visionaries, calculated risk takers, fools that go forth and defy logic or the odds, and those that truly offer something unique. We strive to do amazing things here at "Here Is My Coupon," a company with the right people for the job.”

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