Here Is My Coupon Is Hiring

We are actively seeking several positions in the Boston area. Click here to view our open positions.

Why Join (HIMC)?

If you're young, smart, intelligent, and enthusiastic, HIMC is the place for you! Our current team encompasses these characteristics mentioned and so much more. We would love to welcome new eager and youthful employees to our team, too. Keep reading for more details.

HereIsMyCoupon's Quick Facts

  • Headquartered South of Boston, MA, USA
  • Currently a small and privately held company
  • A national company expecting to grow to international territories

One Company (Team) And Customer Service

The word TEAM has been broken down to mean: Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Our philosophy is that our team always comes first, and our success equals the success and satisfaction of those we serve (our customers).

Our Mission

To provide a vehicle for college student groups to fundraise, to increase foot traffic and revenue for local merchants, and to help people save money worldwide.

Values And Culture

We feel our mission is exciting and important because we seek to help everyone in the community – students, merchants, and savers worldwide. Therefore, our values set us apart and our culture is fueled by young professionals, talent, collaboration, innovation, growth, experience, creativity, and transparency.

Our Greatest Assets

At HIMC, you always have the opportunity to apply your skills and abilities to make a difference. We value your ideas, efforts, and innovations. Growth, development, and training are part of our culture along with creativity, variety, job sharing, job rotation, and cross-departmental collaboration. We recognize and reward each other for making a difference and a job well done!


We Genuinely Care
HIMC provides you with a generous base-salary along with profit sharing, bonuses, programs, plans, resources, and other tools to show you our appreciation. Our employee benefits package, from medical insurance and paid time off to our 401(k) and employee assistance programs, are provided for your security.

Strategic Differentiator
We believe in change and will always strive to be bigger and better. We appreciate and accept feedback and constructive criticism from all team members. We will always listen, communicate, and innovate.

Work, Play, And Winning
Joining HIMC is a unique opportunity as we believe in fun, fairness, family, and friendship. We invite you to join our team and be a part of the exciting growth of HIMC.

College Community Sales Representatives

Job description:
As a full or part-time commission-only sales representative for Here Is My Coupon, you will establish contacts with your local business community by presenting our marketing opportunity to merchants and vendors in your area (anywhere in the United States and worldwide). This position may lead to increased responsibility and compensation as our company grows across additional platforms & via strategic partnerships in the future.

Sales representatives must memorize all of the facets of our business model and must be able to present the perks of using naturally and without notes. Additionally, our sales reps represent Here Is My Coupon when doing sales or they represent a college student group, club, team, or organization that has registered to fundraise through our platform. Sales reps may also represent their own college student group (or may find a student group that they are not a part of for which they can fundraise).

Sales Model:
Sales representatives cold-call targeted merchants located in their area, describe the perks and cost of using Here Is My Coupon, and then refer them to our website to post their own personalized coupons. While speaking to merchants on the phone, our sales reps are encouraged to set up face-to-face appointments with merchants so that they can review the perks of using HIMC once again and in-person and to ensure that they register and post coupons to our site. Sales reps earn $30 per paid merchant coupon they successfully recruit to our website and $10.00 for merchant renewal. Merchants can purchase up to 3 coupon spaces and after their coupon has proven successful, they would be ready to consider posting additional coupons. Those representing a registered student group simultaneously fundraise for the organization, earning them $45 per merchant they recruit to our site.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Thrive on the challenges and benefits of selling
  • Enjoy working independently
  • Are fully capable of generating leads, making appointments, and closing deals with prospective merchants
  • Possess outgoing personalities and the ability to share with merchants the benefits of advertising with
  • Are able to work from home and can maintain a professional image as an independent contractor
  • In a position to work in a commissioned sales role as an independent contractor
  • Interested in business or another HIMC department

$30 commission per sale. Income potential is exceptionally high especially for new territories / communities that have not yet heard about Here Is My Coupon. Be an early adopter to cash in on this opportunity.

Starting date: 10/01/15 - open, rolling and on-going.

Territory: Boston and Worldwide.

To apply: Send in cover letter, and resume to:
For additional information, please visit

HIMC College Campus Ambassador

Hired To Spread the Word About Here Is My Coupon


  • Part-time work (approximately 5 hours per week).
  • Market HIMC to students at your campus via email and social media platforms (approximately 30 minutes daily), tabling, presenting, and flyering around your campus.
  • Submit HIMC-created newspaper articles to your college town magazines and/or newspapers (1 time per semester)
  • Post HIMC-created flyers around your college campus and its bulletin boards (online and concrete) – (3 times per semester).
  • Post HIMC job and internship openings on your college’s career or job opportunity website.


  • Be the point of contact for students on your campus that are interested in fundraising through
  • Must have a robust knowledge of (the company and model)
  • Spread the word on campus with promotions, online social networking, flyering, presenting.
  • Keep in regular communication with - frequently debriefing employees on progress, challenges, and success.
  • Generate leads by brainstorming and implementing marketing ideas at your college through social media campaigns, email, and other forums.
  • Reach out to your friends at other colleges via social media and other forums, and encourage that they work as an HIMC college campus ambassador.
  • Reach out your friends at other colleges via social media and other forums and encourage them to fundraise for their college group through


  • All applicants must be current college students in good academic standing
  • HIMC Ambassadors are required to spend 5 a few hours per week to promote HIMC around their campus.
  • HIMC Ambassadors must be reliable, organized, easily-reachable, and work well independently.
  • HIMC Ambassadors must be active on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more).
  • HIMC Ambassadors must be creative in thinking of ways to best reach peers or make HIMC’s mission appealing to peers.


  • Accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Your involvement will run throughout the academic year and can continue to summer projects based upon your performance, availability, and campus location
  • HereIsMyCoupon College Representatives are welcome to continue working for throughout their college career based upon your performance, desire, and availability.


  • Compensation is project and performance based ($300.00 per semester with bonuses based on performance. Here Is My Coupon will provide you money to print documents for flyering and tabling at your campus.
  • Bonuses available:
    • $200.00 based upon the number of groups that have registered with you as their referral source (at your school and others around the country)
    • Up to $500.00 based upon the earnings of each group that you have referred to fundraise through HIMC if you are also a successful HIMC sales rep and become a HIMC Sales Coach. You can also earn $200 per student group that you refer. For info on referral system, click here.


  • The Here Is My Coupon Team will prepare and train you to be a College Campus Ambassador via Skype Video Chats, phone calls, emails, and text messaging. Your success is our success. Our team is committed to coaching, mentoring and responding to all your questions, ideas, thoughts, and concerns.


  • Contribute to the growth of a start-up through marketing and creative ways of spreading the word about HIMC.
  • The freedom to be creative in promoting and marketing HIMC at your college with our approval before execution.
  • Build your resume and portfolio by gaining new skills and refining current skills just as networking, public speaking, social outreach, presenting, and so much more.
  • Strengthen your network and build business relationships.

HIMC Campus Ambassador. Do to the expected volume of responses, only those under consideration for this position will be contacted.


  • was designed to help college students:
    • fundraise for their college student groups
    • gain leadership and entrepreneurial skills
    • lead a group in social outreach
  • was developed to help merchants:
    • Gain more business traffic through posting coupons on our website
    • Connect with their local community
    • Give back to their community through posting coupons that help college student fundraise for their groups
  • was made to help all people:
    • Save money through free online coupons!
  • For more information about our company values, and us click here.

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