Inspiring Moments

Our most inspiring moments:
  • Every day with my friends.
  • Watching Mattie Stepanek do or say anything. Look him up.
  • Cinnabon CEO, Kat Cole. Her drive and passionate was motivating.
So many books and amazing people I have met or worked with. Each have given me a part of themselves with either advise, lessons learnt, stories, compassion, commitment, ethics and so much more - thanks.

Watching my younger brother navigate growing up.

Maureen Chiquet, Global CEO of Chanel. It was so inspiring to see someone follow her dreams and succeed. She had a strong interest in aesthetics, beauty and fashion as a child, but didn't know how those interests could be translated into a job opportunity. Now, she's the CEO of the long standing fashion icon: Chanel.

Helping my mom start her non-profit foundation for music education.

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